When Your Quarterback Isn’t Good, Fire Your Offensive Coordinator

The f*ck’s a “pass?”

So let me get this straight. Norm Chow preferred Matt Leinart over Vince Young. The Tennessee Titans draft Vince Young. In his first full season as the starting quarterback, Vince Young throws for nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions in what would be the 21st ranked offense in the NFL. Titans fire Norm Chow?

Yes, Young was voted the Rookie of the Year last season, and even made the cover of Madden. You may even hear arguments that the cover actually led to his demise, but will anyone bring up the fact that Young’s 6 (out of 50) on the Wonderlic test coupled with Norm Chow’s complex offense may not have been a good fit? Not likely.

Chow was given very little to work with this season, and had to do most of his damage through the running game with LenDale White and a washed up Chris Brown.

Quick. Who was the leading receiver for the Titans this season? If you guessed Justin Gage with 55 receptions and 750 yards, you win. What you win, I’m not so sure.

Chow will undoubtedly be picked up by someone who believes in his system. History will be his friend, and the future will prove that his approach works. Give him a quarterback that isn’t a few ticks above Mike Tyson on the IQ scale, and he’ll be right back in the ranks of success. Book it.