Top 5 NFL Teams To Look for in 2016

The much awaited National Football League preseason matches have just started out recently, with its initial kick off last September 13th. We know it is a bit early, but does this automatically mean that it is also still very premature to start predicting the teams that will stand out and be left reigning in the next year? We don’t think so. In fact we do think that it is never too soon nor too premature to root for certain teams through analyzing their performances. Let us start predicting the 2016 SuperBowl with the top 5 teams that would probably be on the spotlight by February next year!

Top 5 Super Bowl Prediction: The Green Bay Packers

Given with a 11-to-1 odds by many sports analysts and Bovada, this team is one of the hottest talk of the town. It might have been icy and freezing in the Lambbeau Field where these guys last battled it out with the San Francisco 49ers, however, the icy tundra of the place was nothing compared to the fiery heat that both teams showed. It is indeed a thick snowy day on that glorious even however, the team was still able to pick up as much heat from Aaron Rodgers. They might have lost 20-23 however, this doesn’t mean that they are all gone. With that performance, they were still able to win the crowd and earn the analysts respect that they could still heat up in the next season, that is if they can gain more power from their seemingly decreasing receiving corps now.

Top 4 Super Bowl Prediction: The Patriots Of New England

Coming in the season with a 9-to-1 odds, this team earned some respect when people least expected them to shine last season. The reason for this? There was no other team that was so damaged and affected by the roster reshuffling and by those worrisome injuries but the New England Patriots alone. This was best seen by their run against the Colts when they had to run on their sixth or fifth options on offense alone. Their defense did not look good either, and when we say it didn’t look good, it was more than bad. The defense was like made out of thin paper. But do you know what still happened? Yeah, they still took it out and made it to the Championship game and they now look even better than last year’s shape. Would they be the crowd favorite again this time or was it just sheer luck? There is just one way to find that out this February.

Top 3 2016 Super Bowl Prediction: The San Francisco 49ers

If I am a reader and I don’t get to read this team on this issue, I would really rage out! You wouldn’t be surprised as they come in with a strong 7-to-1 odds this time as they had three consecutive awe-inspiring postseason run. Thanks to Colin Kaepernick and group, this team is sure to strike some kind of fear (if they still feel any) to the other teams and to other people as well who are not rooting for them. We expect them to be in the finals, or at the very least the Super Bowl. Personally, my money is on this team.

Top 2 2016 Super Bowl Prediction: The Denver Broncos

Who would ever forget this team? They were expected to be the best offensive team in NFL, and they did live up with that expectation- until their performance against the Seattle Seahawks at Super Bowl which ended not that good for this team who was supposedly offensive. Sure they did end up a bit ineffective- but that is Seattle we are talking about right? With an odd that is set really good at 13-to-2, this team is sure to again compete and go up in the Super Bowl with their improved defense this time.

Top 2016 Super Bowl Prediction

Drum rolls please! Oh wait. Everyone is expecting this. We would probably lose readers if we didn’t make this team the top prediction- The Seattle Seahawks. Of course we are not doing this ranking just for readership, just look at the odds of 13-to-2 this team is sure to make it again to the Super Bowl. That is not the question. The question is, can they be a back-to-back champion? Can they line up with the past Patriots, Broncos, and the Cowboys? Their receiving corps has never been better before, their defense even tighter this time, everything is looking pretty good- and that is just the tip of the iceberg according to them. Can they do it? Find out this February!