Prepare For Pittman’s Pythons

Despite pulling out a win, Sunday was a rough day for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who lost running back Carnell “Cadillac” Williams and tackle Luke Petitgout for the season due to knee injuries.

In response to the injuries, Head Coach Jon Gruden said:

“That’s a big blow…We have some people who need to step up.”

Well, the Bucs are in luck as I know three guys who are a perfect fit to take on the job: Michael Pittman and his gigantic arms. His knees may not be in any better condition than the rest of the healthy options, but his biceps are likely twice the size of anyone eligible to wear a jersey with numbers ranging from 20-49.

On his arm, the veteran back has a tattoo that reads “The Real Black Superman.” While I’m not going to be the one to dispute the fact, an interview in 2002 explains some of the details involved in the ink.

Roger Mills: On your right arm, you have “The Real Black Superman”?

Pittman: That was my first tattoo. It’s about putting my mind to something and accomplishing what I want to accomplish. If I put my mind to it, maybe I can fly. Maybe I can do the things that Superman can do.

* * *

RM: So who is a fake black superman?

MP: You see a lot of guys with Superman tattoos, like Shaq. Well, he’s just Superman. I’m the Real Black Superman.

Pittman’s obviously proud of his cannons, as he’s no stranger to doing the sleeve-roll-up at practice. While this is typically done by females on the beach or guys working on a car in the front yard, Pittman is definitely not self conscious when it comes to the “tuck.”

Of course, Pittman possesses strong pass-catching skills that will likely be utilized by quarterback Jeff Garcia. Some may say that Garcia will look to form a bond with the running back, and I’m sure that the 20″ arms of his counterpart will help meld things quickly.

The Bucs will need to roll on without their Cadillac, and the loss of an offensive lineman will not help matters with the running game. But thankfully, they have “The Real Black Superman” and his two friends.

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