NFC Teams Lead Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

Will there be a Seahawks vs Broncos Super Bowl repeat? Is it really the end of Tom Brady’s QB reign? Is a dark horse going to pull the plug on the Super Bowl’s usual suspects’ victory party? Will it be Brady, Brees, or Manning for MVP? Or will it an underdog win for Wilson?

Predictions for the Super Bowl XLIX season are proving to be as exciting as the games in the past four weeks. So, whether you’re a gambling man, a Fantasy Football enthusiast, or simply a die hard football fan, here are the latest Super Bowl predictions:

AFC: Patriots, Broncos, Colts

Patriots: Even with their abysmal performance against the Chiefs, the Patriots remains a favorite pick this season. Sure, Tom Brady’s dazed-on-the-bench photo will probably end up as an Internet meme that could rival Grumpy Cat, but there’s no denying that his Quarterback experience will prove valuable to the team.

And let’s not forget, Rob Gronkowski, who is a possible game changer for the Patriots if (and this is a very big if) he stays healthy throughout the season. There’s also Darrelle Revis, who remains unchallenged as the game’s best defenders.

Broncos: Peyton Manning. Those two words should be enough of an answer to anyone who asks as to why the Broncos is a top pick for this year’s Super Bowl finals.

Although there is nothing much to be said about their offense other than it’s great, their defense on the other hand, well, that’s a more interesting story. Linebacker Danny Trevathan returns, giving the Broncos the chance to play with their ideal defense play for the first time. If that’s not enough, they’ve also beefed up their defense with Brandon Marshall, Bradley Roby, Demarcus Ware, and Von Miller.

Colts: Many sports analysts boldly predicted that Andrew Luck will lead the Colts to an upset victory over the more favored Patriots and Broncos. Although an unpopular choice for Super Bowl contender, the Colts’ are showing solid stats despite their 0-2 start.

AFC Winner: Broncos


NFC: Saints, Seahawks, Eagles

Saints: Not only are they the runaway choice for winning the division title, but their Quarterback Drew Brees is also making headlines as the top pick for MVP, winning over greats like Brady and Manning.

Offense is synonymous with the Saints. Brees leads the scoring charge with the help of running back Mark Ingram and rookie wide receiver Brandin Cooks. And despite his unfortunate fake punt call against the Cowboys, Sean Payton is considered as the best offensive play caller in the league.

Seahawks: The Seahawks vs Broncos II has reached fever pitch when the two teams faced off again after their Super Bowl XLVIII match. Football fans are eager to see if the Seahawks can clinch a historic back-to-back Super Bowl victory. While also rooting for the Broncos to erase the memory of their embarrassing 43-8 defeat.

But with the Seahawks beating the Broncos (again) in their most recent face-off with Russell Wilson’s excellent plays – beating the league’s leading QBs like Rodgers, Manning, Brees (twice), and Brady (2012 Season) – and the Broncos being predicted to make another Super Bowl appearance, the Super Bowl XLVIII match may have a repeat this season.

Eagles: Until article after article about their great odds at winning the Super Bowl popped up, the Eagles were in no one’s radar, not even as a likely candidate much less a possible contender, for the Lombardi.

Not only are their odds the best now, they’re also doing it minus three offensive linemen. They’re also among the remaining undefeated teams this season, all thanks to Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense, which none of the other teams have yet figured out how to defend against.

NFC Winner: Saints


Top Super Bowl XLIX Match-up Predictions:


  • Saints vs Patriots: Saints
  • Saints vs Broncos: Saints
  • Seahawks vs Broncos: Seahawks
  • Seahawks vs Patriots: Seahawks
  • Seahawks vs Colts: Seahawks
  • Eagles vs Colts: Eagles
  • Eagles vs Broncos: Eagles


Super Bowl XLIX Champions: Saints