Hey CBS! What the F–k?

In 1998 when CBS took over the coverage of the AFC, I admit that I could not have cared less. I’m not one to complain about whether Cris Collinsworth or Jim Nantz would be the man to talk throughout a Browns game – though I would prefer Collinsworth, but that’s just me.

But since the advent of High Definition Television, and even more importantly the purchase of one for my home, something needs to be done about this.

Now I know that the $14.5 billion CBS stepped up to the plate this year and “doubled” their HD coverage, but would it kill them to broadcast one more game? There’s no denying that Miami at Cleveland isn’t a big ticket contest by any stretch, but is Houston at Jacksonville? Tennessee at Tampa Bay?

This isn’t the first time that Cleveland was fisted by the lack of HD this year as the game in Oakland was broadcasted in Standard Definition as well. I’d like to testify about the others, but I was at the stadium, thus not watching on television.

The Browns are on a bye next week, so CBS only has five games on the dockett – of course, all in High Definition. That’s right, you’ll get to see Tennessee at Houston or even Baltimore at Buffalo all in crystal clear imaging.

With seven AFC games for week eight, and Cleveland heading to St. Louis, I’d be willing to bet that we won’t get High Def coverage for yet another week. I’ve noticed that while CBS broadcasts up to six games a week in HD, the 4p (ET) games always get the nod.

Typically, there are one or two 4p games on CBS, but week eight has three: Buffalo/Jets, Houston/San Diego, Jacksonville/Tampa Bay. Of the 1p games, the Colts will undoubtedly get coverage against Carolina, and Pittsburgh/Cincy is a division rivalry. This leaves Oakland at Tennessee and the Browns at (the 0-6) St. Louis vying for that final set of cameras.

All I know is that those fans in the Cleveland/St. Louis markets may want to get their HDTV’s placed on “stretch” beforehand. It may limit the disappointment come game time – at least until the “THIS GAME IS NOT BEING BROADCASTED IN HD” banner roles across the bottom of the screen.

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