Bengals Fans: The World Is Against Us!

The NFL Free Agency period is off and running. I could attempt to recap what went down this past weekend, but a quick Google search or a trip to can give you all of the details. But with that said, one deal has stuck out so far: That involving defensive tackle Shaun Rodgers.

You see, Rodgers was supposedly all but packed for his relocation to Cincinnati, but the NFL had other ideas. The defensive tackle was going to be dealt to Cincy for a third and fifth round draft pick, but the office of the NFL rescinded the offer – with the sticking point having something to do with Rodgers’ roster bonus? 

Either way, the big man is on his way to Cleveland for a third-round selection, and cornerback Leigh Bodden. And Bengals fans are not happy.

Here’s just a snippet of the comments that could be found at the Bengals Blog over at the Cincinnati Inquirer:

at 2/29/2008
10:35 PM Anonymous said…
Just an excuse for the NFL to get back at the Bengals for past problems.

at 2/29/2008
10:36 PM Anonymous said…
There’s only two scenarios here and both are horrible: 1) Bengals front office works on a trade all day and doesn’t make it work under league ules. So in this case they are overmatched and incompetent. 2) The league really does have it out for the Brown family and Bengals (handling Odell, unfair suspensions, this trade) Either option makes me want to give up the NFL.

at 2/29/2008
10:45 PM John said…
Ah, the Bungles strike again. If the Browns signed Rogers this will be very bad. If so Goodell, the NFL and the rest for nixing the deal. Looks like 1 more year of false hope. thanks Roger, u b@stard.

at 3/01/2008
8:02 AM Anonymous said…
You state that the trades can only involve draft choices, how can the Browns deal involve a current player and be valid? Not being a conspiracy theorist, but it seems like the commissioner’s office has gone out of its way over the last year to screw over the Bengals at any opportunity. Didn’t know the commissioners office was on the schedule every year.

So, just to recap a few of these… Roger Goodell obviously has it in for the Bengals because of a few character issues that can be found on their roster. In fact, he’s their 17th game – believe it or not.

Thus, he nixed a trade that would benefit the team to even up the score a bit. A score set by guys like Chris Henry and Odell Thurman. Speaking of Thurman, the handling of his off-field issues is apparently “unfair,” as well as other suspensions handed to the team. Evidently, multiple arrests and drug issues are just par for the course. And if they aren’t, the Commish will find a way to “get back” at whichever teams employ players that “lack judgment.”

Jeff Fisher may want to keep his eye out for this. You never know when further Pacman-related punishments will go down.

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